Nemat Fragrances


Nemat Fragrances is a part of Nemat International, Inc.– a manufacturer of high-quality, carefully crafted perfurme oils.  The Attarwala family has been involved in the art and science of making perfumed oils and attars  for over 160 years.  (Attar is the name given to the fragrant oils made from extracts of flowers, herbs and woods.)  Their line of unique fragrances range a variety of notes, such as Traditional Indian, Amber, Musk, Floral and Woody fragrance.  Some blends try to mimic the naturally occurring scents like Rose, Jasmine, or Sandalwood, while other compositions are abstract creations.

Nemat is known for its dedication to quality, preserved by the Attarwala family through generations of perfume making.  Each perfumer strives to capture the essence and beauty of the natural world into the perfume he/she creates, so that each product is truly special  The Nemat line includes Perfume Oils, Indian Attars, fragrances for soaps, candles, incense, and potpourri.