Alaffia Classic

Alaffia’s Classic line is the heart and soul of their products, containing the original formulations and the highest levels and widest variety of all of the raw materials sourced from cooperatives in Togo.  With more than 200 products offering natural solutions for skincare, haircare and bodycare, and introducing 2 new lines, Alaffia’s classics represent the best in, effective, fair-trade solutions for everyday use.  Formulated with natural ingredients like shea butter, virgin coconut oil, rooibos tea, neem oil, baobab, and reishi mushroom to provide targeted solutions for every skin/hair type.  This full range of products includes cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, lotions, body washes, bar soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deodorant, and lip balms.

NEW – Neem & Turmeric Collection

Formulated with active botanicals that nourish, balance, and restore, Neem & Turmeric supports all skin and hair types. Antioxidant-rich neem oil is hand-extracted from wild harvested neem seeds, moisturizes and protects against chapping, cracking, and itching due to dry skin. Unrefined for maximum effectiveness.  Products in this line offer gentle, deep cleansing, ridding skin of unhealthy bacteria for a radiant complexion.