Alaffia Authentic


The Alaffia Authentic line represents the truest bounty that Africa has to offer. These authentic products and formulations are handcrafted by our cooperative members and celebrate the deep, rich history of Africa.

The best-selling, multi-purpose African Black Soap is created by cooperative members using traditional methods, using shea butter and palm kernel oil.   Africa’s Secret Multipurpose Cream is a true representation of the best of both Alaffia communities. It’s combination of ingredients is based on a traditional African formulation and contains all of the healing benefits sustainably sourced bee products have to offer. A deeply active and protective all around balm, Africa’s Secret can be used on any part of the body to help protect and moisturize virtually any skin condition. Handwoven African Grass Baskets represent a tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation throughout West Africa. Using sustainably harvested natural resources, each basket is unique and an expression of a woman’s pride in the craft, constructed from the ground up.