Alaffia & MyChelle take home Delicious Living Beauty Awards!

Every year we look to Delicious Living Magazine’s Beauty & Bath Awards as a trusted resource for the best and the brightest in all natural, organic beauty products. The Delicious Living Awards highlight those beauty products that are sustainable, fairly traded, transparent, and that give back to the global community.

We are super proud to represent products from two of this year’s winners. Please join us in congratulating Alaffia and MyChelle for their big wins in the 2018 Awards!

Alaffia Neem Turmeric Cleanser Delicious Living

Alaffia’s Neem Turmeric Cleanser took home the award for Best Cleanser. This clarifying and balancing cleanser packs a powerful punch with neem, shea, moringa, and turmeric. With Turmeric becoming widely recognized for its medicinal properties, its comes as no surprise that its uses in skincare help to reduce inflammation and boost antioxidants.  Doubly recognized for their commitment to global responsibility and ethical sourcing, Alaffia’s empowerment projects help them shine through the competition!

MyChelle Perfect C Pro Serum Delicious Living

MyChelle’s Perfect C Pro Serum 25% was awarded Best New Product for 2018. MyChelle is widely known for creating professional quality skincare that is 100% natural, and this bio-active, highly potent Vitamin C serum really delivers powerful results. Highly concentrated at the highest active level of stable 25% L-Ascorbic Acid, this rockstar serum reduces signs of aging, improves texture, and provides antioxidant protection for luminous, glowing skin.

View Delicious Living’s entire list of clean beauty winners here!

Resolution Ready!

With each new year, comes the chance to start fresh, with a clean set and renewed sense of purpose. Resolutions can be hard to make (and even harder to stick to), which is why we love the idea of making small, achievable goals, like “greening your beauty routine” or “buying Fair Trade.” As customers fly into your store seeking solutions for their new year rituals, make sure you are promoting products that help them define and achieve their resolutions…is your store resolution ready?!?

Here are some recommendations to get you started! 

  • Resolution: Buy Fair Trade! All of Alaffia’s products are certified Fair Trade, which means thatAlaffia Neem Face Care their goods are purchased at a fair price that is higher than the price paid by other companies, their working conditions are safe and sanitary, and governed by fair labor standards, and the company adopts environmental and social best practices to give back and empower communities.  Tip: Showcase Alaffia’s efforts in a dedicated endcap or feature display that includes literature to educate customers on the value of Fair Trade principals and incorporating those values into their personal care routines. 


  • Resolution: Green Your Beauty Routine: As consumers grow more concerned about thMyChelle Demoe ingredients they put on their body (as well as in their body), the quest for effective, eco-friendly beauty has become a multi-billion dollar industry in and of itself. MyChelle offers a complete line of high-quality, targeted skincare solutions that are totally natural and free of harmful ingredients. Tip: Consider scheduling an in-store demo event so customers can try before they buy! 


  • Resolution: Ramp Up Your Yoga Practice: With all of the New Year Yoga ChalleSatva Yoganges flooding social media, aspiring yogas are getting back to the mat or trying that new yoga class. What better way to provide some yoga inspiration than offering some stylish and sustainable threads from Satva designed for just for yoga. Tip: merchandise this beautiful clothing alongside all the yoga accessories in your assortment for an impactful, meaningful display that allows your customers to ramp up their entire practice. Namaste! 


  • Resolution: Switch the Straw U•Konserve is a brand with a mission to reduce waste by providing ingenious (and seriously stylish) solutions for food storage and consumption, Their stainless steel drinUKonserve Strawsking straws are completely reusable and are perfect for cold drinks, cocktails or smoothies (hello juice cleanse). The best part, these won’t pollute the environment the way plastic straws do. Tip: To increase awareness, take to social media and challenge your customers to #switchthestraw and have them share their photos!


What are you doing to get your store resolution ready? Share your displays with us on Instagram!


Save the earth with U•Konserve

If your new year’s resolution is to reduce your environmental footprint and be kind to the earth, U•Konserve has got you (and your customers) covered with these innovative solutions that waste less, and transport food and beverage in style.

Here’s how:

Did you know that 50% of the plastic used in the U.S. is used just once, then thrown away? Americans discard more than 30 million tons of plastic each year, and only 8% of that gets recycled. That’s why U•Konserve is on a mission to change all that.  U•Konserve’s assortment of food and beverage containers and accessories is both stylish and sustainable. Designed to minimize waste, you can efficiently pack lunch, snacks, and more for everyone in the family knowing that each use is ticking away at the harm done on the environment by using paper or plastic products to transport food items.

As if that weren’t enough, U•Konserve is a certified B Corporation, a member of 1% for the Planet, (donating one percent of total sales to environmental organizations, and all their products are non-toxic and free of BPA, phthalates and lead.

Wholesale clients – take advantage of the January Line Drive (starting now) to maximize your displays and convert customers. While your sales will fly high, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve done your part to save the environment.


12 Days of Holiday Favorites | MyChelle’s Perfect C™ Range

It’s the final day of our 12 days of holiday favorites!  Whether you are looking to spruce up your spa or store to be more shop-able for gift-giving, or you’re stopping by for some serious holiday shopping inspiration, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these amazing (and eco-friendly) products that are sure to provide you and yours with great ideas to up your gift-giving game!

Day 12: MyChelle Dermaceuticals Perfect C™ Range

There isn’t a more power-packed, all-natural essential than Vitamin C. Not only is a daily dose of Vitamin C an important nutrient for the body, it’s also a crucial element for achieving flawless, glowing skin. MyChelle offers a full range of totally organic, targeted facial care products that pack a powerful punch of anti-oxidants to boost collagen, brighten skin, and protect from free radicals. Suitable for all skin types, you really can’t go wrong with gifting some serious solutions for achieving flawless, radiant skin. Here’s the scoop on the entire range – mix and match to build the ideal regimen for the lucky recipient!

  • Perfect C™  Cleansing Oil: It all starts here with this restorative, illuminating cleanser that is lightweight and transforms into luxe creamy lather to hydrate and cleanse all skin types.
  • Perfect C™ Serum & Pro Serum: This is where the magic happens – advanced Vitamin C formula eradicates fine lines and wrinkles with a high active level of L-Ascorbic Acid. These powerful potions (classic serum contains 17% L-Ascorbic Acid, Pro contains 25%) fight photo-damage and all signs of aging.
  • Perfect C™ Radiance Lotion:  A nutrient-rich moisturizer that protects skin and delivers a 12% dose of L-Ascorbic Acid and Plant C-Stem. A must-have for getting that radiant glow. 2017 Delicious Living Beauty & Body Award Winner for Best Moisturizer.
  • Perfect C™ Eye Cream:  This advanced eye cream contains powerful ingredients like Plant Stem Cells, L-Ascorbic Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid to brighten and moisturize the eye area and combat signs of aging.
  • Perfect C™ PRO Speed Peel: So, this powerful treatment is EVERYTHING! This is a pro-quality, easy-to-use (and again, all organic) one-minute peel made with citrus fruit puree and retinal. The result? Perfect, radiant, youthful skin. 2017 Better Nutrition Best of Natural Beauty Award Winner.

You can find MyChelle at your local Whole Foods Market, or online at

12 Days of Holiday Favorites | Tweezerman’s Mini Brow Rescue Kit

The holidays are officially in full swing, and we wanted to share some of our holiday faves! Whether you are planning those promotions for your store or spa, or shopping for the perfect gift for someone on your list, please join us for 12 days of Holiday Favorites and get gifting!

Day 11: Tweezerman’s Mini Brow Rescue Kit

Tweezerman Mini Brow Rescue Kit

Give the gift of perfect brows with Tweezerman’s Mini Brow Rescue Kit.  This makeup-bag sized kit has got all the essentials to deliver the beautiful brows! Tweezerman’s hot-selling kit includes the Mini Slant Tweezer (for tweezing stray hairs),  Mini Browmousse and Mini Brow Brush (for taming and refining) and Mini Eyenhance™ Brow Highlighter (for finishing), all in a fashionable travel case.  This bite-sized beauty kit is rightly sized for a stocking stuffer, and the perfect price point for the office Secret Santa pool. Eyebrows (and gift game) on point!


12 Days of Holiday Favorites | Radius Original® Toothbrushes

The holidays are officially in full swing, and we wanted to share some of our holiday faves! Whether you are planning those promotions for your store or spa, or shopping for the perfect gift for someone on your list, please join us for 12 days of Holiday Favorites and get gifting!

Day 10: RADIUS Original® Toothbrushes

RADIUS Original

You may be thinking, a toothbrush isn’t all that exciting for your holiday gift-giving needs.  But this iconic toothbrush from Radius is sure to please as a stocking stuffer. The Radius Original® boasts both form and function, and is accepted by the American Dental Association, and its design has earned a spot in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute National Design Museum. Pretty cool, huh?

The design features an extra-large brush head for maximum comfort and 3x more brush heads for superior cleaning, and the ergonomically-designed handle comes in both right-hand and left-hand designed models. A full range of color options allows for a personal touch. You really can’t go wrong by slipping one of these into a stocking! Pair with Radius’ collection of accessories, toothpastes, or dental flosses to score a complete gift.

12 Days of Holiday Favorites | COOLA Mineral Liplux® Trio

The holidays are officially in full swing, and we wanted to share some of our holiday faves! Whether you are planning those promotions for your store or spa, or shopping for the perfect gift for someone on your list, please join us for 12 days of Holiday Favorites and get gifting!

Day 9: COOLA Mineral Liplux® Trio

COOLA Mineral Liplux Trio


Perfectly packaged for gifting, COOLA’s Trio of Mineral Liplux® with SPF 30 includes three versatile shades to spark the interest of any lipstick-loving lady on your list. Liplux® adds a sheer touch of color, while Organic Cupuacu Butter and Mongongo Oil offers a rich, creamy texture to leave lips soft and smooth, and even helps reverse the signs of aging.  With SPF 30 protection, these colorful and conditioning balms protect from sun and environmental conditions, which is a must-have element going into the winter months.

The set includes three versatile shades:

  • Skinny Dip: a perfectly sheer tint with a natural, Earl Grey flavor
  • Firecracker: a bright, bold red with a natural Hibiscus flavor
  • Bonfire: a rich, copper bronze with a natural Fresh Fig flavor.

While this gift set is complete enough on its own, pair with any of COOLA’s award-winning suncare products for the ultimate beauty-themed gift.



12 Days of Holiday Favorites | Mason Pearson Hairbrushes

The holidays are officially in full swing, and we wanted to share some of our holiday faves! Whether you are planning those promotions for your store or spa, or shopping for the perfect gift for someone on your list, please join us for 12 days of Holiday Favorites and get gifting!

Day 8: Mason Pearson Hairbrushes

Mason Pearson

The Genuine Mason Pearson brushes were invented by Mason Pearson in 1885 in London, England. They are known world-wide and have been known to be passed from one generation to another. When you really want to splurge on someone, it doesn’t get any more luxurious than this. More than just a brush, Mason Pearson makes the highest-quality, hand-crafted brushes, which is why they’ve been renowned as the “world’s best hairbrushes”. Once you’ve used a Mason Pearson brush, it’s impossible to use anything else.

First of all, they’ve got different types of brushes for every type of hair, offering boar bristle, nylon, or a hybrid combination of the two. (Read more about choosing the right brush). The unique rubber-cushion pad is made by hand and allows for effective and efficient brushing and gently massages the scalp with each use. The benefit? High-quality hair brushes stimulate the scalp and re-distribute oils throughout the hair shaft, leaving hair super soft and in its optimum condition.

You don’t have to take our word for it! Read this great write-up in Allure Magazine.

Go ahead, splurge on someone you love this holiday season!


12 Days of Holiday Favorites | Sphynx Portable Razor

The holidays are officially in full swing, and we wanted to share some of our holiday faves! Whether you are planning those promotions for your store or spa, or shopping for the perfect gift for someone on your list, please join us for 12 days of Holiday Favorites and get gifting!

Day 7: Sphynx Portable Razors

Sphynx Line Shot

Sphynx’s Portable Razors are a perfect stocking stuffer for any lady in your life – but perhaps especially for the busy mom, career girl, frequent traveler, or fitness enthusiast. Here’s why. There’s nothing worse than rushing through your hair removal routine because you’ve got places to go and people to see, and when you get out into the natural light and see that you’ve missed an entire section, it can be embarrassing and frustrating.

Now, there’s Sphynx. This conspicuous portable razor comes equipped with everything you need to finish the job on the go. First, there is an attached spray bottle filled with water for a quick spritz, then twist the dial to prep skin with a mini moisturizing bar before turning the dial one more time to get to the razor, and voila, shave away.

We aren’t the only ones who think Sphynx makes the perfect stocking stuffer.
PopSugar included Sphynx in their 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

Learn more about Sphynx on our blog!

12 Days of Holiday Favorites | Alaffia Gift Basket

The holidays are officially in full swing, and we wanted to share some of our holiday faves! Whether you are planning those promotions for your store or spa, or shopping for the perfect gift for someone on your list, please join us for 12 days of Holiday Favorites and get gifting!

Day 6: Alaffia Gift Baskets

Alaffia Gift Basket

It’s inevitable that every year there’s someone on your list who is hard to buy for. Or maybe you’ve waited until the last minute (you wouldn’t do that would you?!?) and you’ve got to put something together fast. This is why I love gift baskets so much. And I’m not talking about the pre-made, shrink-wrapped baskets you can find anywhere (though I suppose there is nothing wrong with those). What I’m talking about is creating a personalized gift basket with all of someone’s everyday favorites. It sounds harder than it is, and you don’t have to look very far, because Alaffia has got you covered!

First, Alaffia’s full line of colorful baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can add as much (or as few) products to fill the basket as you’d like.  The best part? Alaffia’s baskets are handmade in Togo by of members of basket cooperatives, who receive fair wages and health care, which empowers West African communities.

Once you’ve selected a basket, you can start adding products (this is where the fun really begins!) You can start with a theme if you’d like, or just grab some of your favorite products. Where Alaffia is concerned there is no shortage of options.  We recommend some of our favorites like Alaffia’s Good Soap, Black Soap, and the new Neem & Turmeric range. But, you really can’t go wrong here. Add some hand soap and a hand cream, or a colorful bag from Queen Alaffia – the only rule is to have fun with it!

As if the basket wasn’t a great gift already, by purchasing Alaffia you are giving back to the global community by supporting Fair Trade and empowerment projects for women and families in Togo. Alaffia’s Empowerment Projects support several Education-Based Projects, Maternal Health, FGM Eradication, Eyeglasses Donations, and Reforestation and help the wonderful people in Togo rise out of poverty.

Ultimately, the finished product might look something like this (image courtesy of Alaffia):

Alaffia Gift Basket

image by Alaffia